Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Carmelite Monastary in Napa Valley. Father Brad (first collage, top right) and I made it in time for the start of the Clericus, and I went ahead and stole all these pictures from his camera. Nice photo's, Father!

The Clericus gatherered 17 bishops, priests and deacons on the lovely grounds of the monastary right next door to the Mondavi Winery, whose vines are pictured below (about 80 years old).

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Mark of Santa Ana said...

The California wine country is a splendid locale in which to suffer for the Lord. Wish I could have been there white-knuckling it with you. Too bad there aren't any vineyard-ensconced monasteries in Plumas Co....or, are there? Glad to here the clericus was a success, Fr. B.

-Mark ( of Santa Ana )